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US Should Legalize Internet Bingo

Internet bingo used to be a very popular diversion in the US until 2006 when the Bush administration
under pressure from right wing religious groups
passed the onerous Unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement Act. (UIGEA) The law sent the internet bingo industry
and the online gaming industry
into shock. Publicly traded gaming companies watched helplessly as […]

anyone else addicted to online bingo?

what online bingo is the best?

I think this one is by far. Iv won £3000 so far. &nd its an easy site- let me know what you think?

Free online bingo games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I want a website that I can just play bingo
no payment! no money! i don’t want 2 win prizes
nothing plz help

Gala Considers Rescue Plan

It is no secret that land based bingo in the UK is in real trouble financially. The draconian national smoking ban hit bingo clubs hard and then came a rise in taxation. For some reason bingo is taxed at a higher rate than any other form of gaming. For gaming companies that operate internet bingo […]

Does anyone actually play bingo online?

i see loads of adverts and i think it is pointless

Bingo Games Aid WW 2 Vets

Bingo has been used as a fundraising tool by charitable and veterans organizations for decades. The increasing popularity of internet bingo has prompted many internet bingo websites to sponsor games for various charities. Earlier in the year US President Obama’s stepmother
who lives in the UK
sponsored several highly successful charitable bingo games. In the […]

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