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2011      Mar 20

Little Big bingo Chat Room Etiquette

In playing Free Bingo Online
it can give many chances of winnings to different kind of people. It is being accepted to the free bingo online community that there are really bingo players who are bingo for cash
just for money but it is being advised by many bingo experts from the free bingo online […]

play online bingo

Rules : 1. Player must make a minimum deposit during the event days to qualify for winnings. 2. Each team must have a minimum of 3 players.This promotion will run in 75 ball room. 3. Winnings will be split equally among all the team members on monday before 5pm EST. If you would prefer to play poker
then check […]

Codere begins online bingo activity in Italy

ITALY – Codere Group
through its subsidiary Codere Interactiva
has started its online bingo activity in Italy.It takes place thanks to the regulation of online bingo in Italy.

2010      Dec 26

Ladbrokes Bingo Player Scoops Over £150
000 From 30P Stake

Ladbrokes Bingo is celebrating today after one of its customers won £156
105 playing the Snow Queen slot mini-game
in between bingo games at The player
nicknamed ‘thebrownbear’
could not believe her luck when she scooped the progressive jackpot on the Snow Queen mini-game. She said
“When I found out it was madness
it just didn’t […]

5 Reasons to Play Bingo Online Today

Most of us don’t need much of a reason to play bingo online – after all
what other game could ever offer as much fun and wins? New players still learning the ropes may need some inspiration however
which is why we have found the top reasons to play online bingo: Free games – many […]

Online Bingo Side Game Winners

Bingo Gringo has had some fantastic online bingo side game winners lately
with huge cash prizes being won! With over 40 games on offer
players can take their pick from favourites such as Bejewelled and X-Factor Slots
Quickfire Lotto
Bee Happy
Arcade Horses
Hollywood Stars as well as a host of others – […]

2010      Nov 24

Bingo Bonuses on offer at offers some attractive bingo bonuses and bingo for cash in addition to loads of free bingo online
which makes it the favorite of new online bingo players. Newly registered players will not only receive instant cash back before they start playing bingo for cash
but will also be given the opportunity to choose their […] Free slots is a great bingo site and they regularly offer free bingo online for you to enjoy. Free bingo online is a great way to try the various types of bingo games that has to offer. It is a great way for you to win something for free by taking part in the free […]

2010      Nov 7

bingo Card Printer

A unique and innovative way to have a game of bingo and really enjoy it is to print bingo cards
invite friends
and organize one’s own bingo game in the comfort of one’s home. To play bingo online click here! Fortunately
the Internet offers innumerable resources for players who would like to print bingo cards. […]

Ladbrokes Bingo user scoops £16
888 in 33 balls

Ladbrokes Bingo is today celebrating after one of its customers won £16
888! xxVERYxNICExx has been playing bingo for years
but only started with Ladbrokes recently. She was blown away after finding out she had won £16
even though she was playing in another room at the time!

virgin bonuses

Cash Match! All new players are welcomed with a 100% Cash Match up to £125! There’s also an incredible 50% Cash Match on your 2nd deposit up to £65! at virgin bingo 100% First Deposit Bonus All new players are welcomed with a deposit bonus which will exactly match the amount of any deposit you make
up to […]

2010      Jul 5

Online Bingo is a massive growth area amongst the online gambling community
especially in the UK where Bingo Halls are everywhere. It allows you to play your favourite game in the comfort of your own home whilst enjoying the game all the thrills you would get in your favourite hall. Once seen as a risky business
online bingo is now as safe and secure as the multitude of casinos that are available. In fact
when you register to an online bingo provider you will realise you never have to leave your home again to play!

One of the main advantages of playing bingo online is that you will get to meet (albeit virtually) thousands of players from across the world
compare that with the couple of hundred people who frequent your local bingo hall. In fact
online bingo is fast becoming as well known for its social networking as it is for its gaming. Another great advantage is the bonuses that you can get from the providers
not only on sign-up but continuous bonuses and prizes along the way; how often are you given your money back plus more on top when you visit the bingo hall?

It does not matter if you are a regular bingo player or a newcomer
online bingo welcomes all. With friendly representatives available 24 hours a day
365 days a year to assist you in anything you should want or need
online bingo closely resembles a realistic experience from the comfort of your armchair. Can you think of a better way to unwind after a long hectic day at the office or with the kids?

So what are you waiting for
get online and start winning!

2010      Jun 25 Bingo Site is the superb website owned by the Daily Star newspaper group, where you can play bingo for cash. It’s a site full of fun, and if you have a browse through it you will see this. There are slots and casino games, and of course bingo. To play bingo online now at Daily […]

2010      May 29 Jackpot Bingo

You are able to play free bingo online at and it all starts of when you create an account with them. Each new player will receive a free £10 bingo sign-up bonus giving them the chance of playing free bingo online straight away. There are always several other ways of being able to play […] Online Bingo

The online bingo site is an excellent site for the members of the public to join as you get the choice of two online bingo games that you will be able to play
you can either play the 90 ball bingo games that are traditionally played in the UK or the 75 ball bingo […]

Fabulous Bingo

After looking at the online site it is not hard to see why many confuse it with Fabulous Bingo
as that is exactly what is on offer at this popular
fun and attractive bingo site. Along with 75 and 90 Ball Bingo
you can also play various side games including slots
roulette and […]

2010      May 24

Bingo Card Printer Online
Everyone loves bingo, the fantastic thrill of winning, the enormous jackpots and even the number calling. Everything about bingo is addictive and can make you want to experience your own game of bingo. To play bingo online click here! There are so many different types of bingo and so many different wonderful aspects to bingo. Some of […]

World’s Largest Ever Bingo Win Confirmed – Update
Bingo’s biggest ever prize – more than £1.1million – was won by a 53-year-old woman from Bargoed in South Wales. The Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil went ‘absolutely crazy’ as it was announced that mother of two, Christine Bradfield, had scooped the National Bingo Game’s first Platinum Jackpot. “What a wonderful night for bingo,” said the […]

2010      Apr 19

It is perhaps not surprising to find that Bingo players seem to be a particularly superstitious crowd and a close look at the motivations, habits, language, and the minds of bingo players, will reveal some very interesting, if not decidedly weird and wonderful results. Among some of the more bizarre superstitious beliefs that have come to light include players completing rituals before playing a game of bingo Such rituals may commonly include bathing with essential oils, but only with a particular chosen oil, or spinning round a certain amount of times and also sweeping bingo cards with herbs. Bingo rituals are actually a lot more common than one might expect and are a way for bingo players to prepare themselves for the game and what they believe is surrounding themselves with good luck. It can be considered as a kind of obsessive behaviour, especially if it comes to dominate the players life.

Many common superstitions involve the lucky numbers. In the same way that people pick lottery numbers, bingo players often look out for similar lucky numbers on their bingo cards. This lucky number superstition has become more prevalent within the online bingo game as in this situation players are able to select which bingo card or cards they would like to play with from thousands of variations. This means therefore that they are able to look out for their lucky number appearing on a card. Common lucky numbers that players are drawn to include theirs on family members birthdays, numbers relating to their house or work or that they have won with before. Common lucky numbers may even be numbers that are generally considered unlucky, such as thirteen

Many of the people who play bingo like to surround themselves with their lucky objects. These object range from such well know luck bringers as four leaf clovers or teddies to more obscure items that have a specific or direct meaning for the player. It is also true to say that bingo players often consider certain dabbers to be lucky. In land-based bingo, played in the traditional bingo hall, many bingo players will bring in their own lucky dabber to use when marking off the numbers on their bingo card. When playing bingo online, players are able to choose from a whole range of different dabber colors and also styles and they will often stick to a certain color and a certain style if it has be found to give them a good win in the past!

It is unlikely that the relationship between Bingo and superstitions that people hold will ever not be a very close one. After all most people believe in the principal of luck – we all look for a stroke of luck in our lives – and the luck principal is of course of considerable importance to all those gamblers who enjoy playing bingo.

2010      Apr 17

There are many different areas to an online bingo site and one of them is the internet bingo chat rooms. You can get to know new people while taking a break from playing your favourite games. If you are unfamiliar with the online playing sites you will find several different games to play. The majority of the sites will also have slot games
casino games and instant games nestled among the many varieties of bingo games.

The internet bingo chat rooms are exceptionally fun. You get to visit with others that have the same interests that you do. This could extend to other areas in your life besides your fondness for online bingo games.

Certain sites have chat moderators that can help you with any questions you might have. These friendly moderators will enhance your enjoyment of the bingo games. Even if you have played bingo in the bingo halls you will find subtle differences when playing internet bingo. These internet bingo chat rooms can help you bridge the gap.

A great feature of some of these sites is that you can play games within the internet bingo chat rooms and win prizes. What could be more amusing than chatting and winning at the same time? When you are a club member you can also earn points while in the internet bingo chat rooms.

You may experience some problems when trying to connect to a chat room. This is most likely due to a firewall. We all have these to protect us against problems
but you can get help online. There are usually three main areas to an internet bingo chat room; the rooms and message display area. The control panel and text area and the area where the other chatter’s aliases are located are the third area.

You will be connected to the main lounge when you log on to the internet bingo chat rooms and from there you can travel to the other chat rooms. You will use the up and down arrows to navigate through the internet bingo chat rooms. You will be able to see how many people are chatting in each room and you can decide if you want to join that group or not.

You would locate the send button in most internet bingo chat rooms and type your message; when you are done typing you only need hit the send button or hit enter. It really is as easy as that. You must abide by the rules of the internet bingo chat rooms. There are rules about the language and conduct that must be followed or you can be removed from using the chat room. Whatever you do
make sure you enjoy your experience when you play bingo online.

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