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2010      Feb 26

Bingo is one of the largest and most popular games in UK
Canada and Sweden. It is almost like a part of the daily routine of the people there. There are a few people
rarely found
who do not play Bingo. There are huge Bingo clubs and people form all the respectable sections of the society are members there. Along with playing the game and win money they also use the Bingo clubs as means to socialize. But as most of the Bingo players are smokers the club rooms become clouded with smoke which becomes a problem to the non-smokers. Hence all the Bingo Clubs in UK
US and other countries have gone ‘No Smoking’. Hence the Advent of Online Bingo

The Online BingoThe game of Bingo when played on the Internet becomes Online bingo. In traditional bingo tables balls are used to generate a sat of random numbers which are to be called. But in Online bingo A Random Number generating software is used. Like any other online game like online casino or housie or online poker
everything here is virtual even the number callers.

Get set…..To get started with playing Bingo
most online bingo sites allow the players to download a free software. After installing the software they can start playing. Other sites have games designed with Javascript or Adobe Flash such that the players can immediately start playing. Mostly players are required to put in money at stake that is they are required to fund an account so that they get money on winning. But sometimes some online bingo sites to offer free Bingo games for players who just want to have some fun.

The payment options are varied. Neteller
Toggle Card
PrePaidATM and may other options are open. Sometimes players are given bonuses to interest them in funding. Playing here is as easy as the traditional club bingo. The online sites or clubs you can say offer you virtual Bingo cards. The cards are same as the traditional ones except for the fact that they are virtual. A random number generator generates random set of numbers and calls them or shows them on the screen. A player has to mark the numbers with some kind of virtual daub. If you have a winning pattern you will be declaed as a winner. Some Online bingo sites have the feature that whenever a called number matches with a number in your card it will automatically be marked. You will not have to take the pain of doing it yourself. This feature allows you to play with more than one card at a time increasing your chances of winning.

The most interesting feature of Online Bingo sites is the highly developed chat facility. So the Bingo clubs are not only just for playing and winning they are places to socialize. Bingo is one of the most successful social games. Along with playing people can make new friends online
chat with them and socialize while winning money in the Bingo games. There are hundreds of Online bingo sites that are operative across the world. On the popularity of this online game chart UK takes the top followed by US
Canada and Sweden. So Log in and start playing.

2009      Dec 28

play online bingo

Rules : 1. Player must make a minimum deposit during the event days to qualify for winnings. 2. Each team must have a minimum of 3 players.This promotion will run in 75 ball room. 3. Winnings will be split equally among all the team members on monday before 5pm EST. If you would prefer to play poker
then check […]

So What Exactly is ‘Free’ in Free Bingo?

The “free bingo” phrase is thrown around a lot lately
especially with the expansion of the online gaming and gambling industries. Is it in fact free
or is this just a clever marketing ploy like so many others that have disappointed multitudes of people in the past? Marketing executives are never out of good […]

virgin bonuses

Cash Match! All new players are welcomed with a 100% Cash Match up to £125! There’s also an incredible 50% Cash Match on your 2nd deposit up to £65! at virgin bingo 100% First Deposit Bonus All new players are welcomed with a deposit bonus which will exactly match the amount of any deposit you make
up to […]

888ladies Bingo Cruise 2008

Stay tuned to find out who are the top 100 players who will have the chance of winning an extravagant Caribbean Bingo cruise for two! The final bingo game will take place August 31 at 10pm. Earlier that day we’ll announce the lucky 100 who will be participating! You and a loved one could be escaping the […]

The Popularity of Playing Free Bingo

Playing free bingo is ever more popular around the world and the excitement just continues to grow. Many people love gaming but do not necessarily want to gamble. Enter free bingo. Gaming online has never been as popular as it is today. From poker to roulette
you will find most traditional casino games online. Though many […]

prestige bingo bonus

Every month Prestige Bingo have a new program of exciting promotions in addition to the regular Deposit and Referral Bonuses. DEPOSIT BONUSES – GET UP TO 110% !! Prestige Bingo has one of the most generous bonus programs for loyal players. But even as a new Member
they’ll more than Double Your Money immediately. For starters
if you […]

2009      Dec 25

Online gaming zones are being added with their budget. | Bingo …

Take a few hours with a certain pattern
the Bingo players. The live bingo aspirants but also they teach them the playing are becoming more and more reels games which are operated on the best chat hosts who are attracted to act as hosts …

poker News :Bingo Cards for Education | Poker News and Tips

Bingo is the second most played game after poker. Regardless of the skills
everyone would know how to play bingo . However
a majority of us are unaware of the.

Wheel Deal Online Bingo Jackpot

Get ready for some online bingo jackpot fun at Bingo Gringo! Each and every Tuesday night at 10:45pm players will have the chance to win fabulous cash prizes between £50 and £300. Cards cost as little as £1 and players can pre-buy their cards to ensure they get in on the guaranteed game action. The […]

Online Bingo Party at Posh Bingo on New Year’s Eve | UK Online Bingo

Posh Bingo is where the hottest online bingo party is this New Year’s Eve. Come
join in the New Year’s Eve Chat Party at UK bingo site Posh Bingo on the 31st.

2009      Dec 22

Little Big Bingo launches four TV ads

New online bingo site Little Big Bingo has released four TV ads to promote their low cost bingo offers. The TV ads feature one pence coins and only last 10 seconds. They will be running on TV channels across the UK throughout August and September. Little Big Bingo is the latest online bingo site from Cashcade
the […]

Four foot bingo caller signed up

A four foot high man has been signed up to the mascot of a new online bingo information site. Jason Owens
will be the face of Free Bingo Hunter. The company behind the website claims that Jason “is the inspiration behind a new website
which will help UK bingo players find the best free bingo”. But […]

Ladbrokes Bingo in November

Following last week’s introduction of 80 ball bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo
they now have a full suite of 90/80/75 ball bingo
Speed and Pattern bingo! To celebrate Bonfire Night this Wednesday
Ladbrokes Bingo have a ‘Penny for the Guy’ bingo night. games in the lounge
Attic and Bedroom will all be 1p
with prizes up […]

Why Gone is number one!

Want to know my first choice in utterly stupendous bingo choice? Gone Bingo of course…it truly is number one. Now I know that’s not a light statement to make
especially with the swarthes of amazing bingo halls…

Bingo Gala Brings You More

The news for online bingo players just got better as Bingo Gala has recently announced big changes to their still newly renovated all flash site.

Mother of Two Hits Online Bingo Jackpot at Glamour Bingo!

Online bingo room
Glamour Bingo
just made another bingo player very happy after the player know as “BlessedBeyondBelief” won the Mid Day Mayhem Jackpot.

2009      Dec 21

Foxy Bingo provides big boost to Party Gaming
Party Gaming published their third quarter results and the impact of their acquisition of online bingo giant Cashcade is immediately obvious. Cashcade owns Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, Think Bingo, Little Big Bingo and Bingo Scotland and also runs white label bingo sites, with the biggest client being Mirror Bingo. In the three months to 30 September the […]

2009      Dec 17

» The Way to Play Bingo – The Bingo Guide

The Way to Play Bingo – How To Play Bingo – by Ryan D. Online bingo has a huge following. It is simple and a lot of fun to play. Bingo is probab.

Playing Online Bingo games

People who are fond of playing bingo can play right now from their laptop or personal computers anywhere at anytime. Nowadays
technology is within reach
and bingo is now in a high-level game where you can play it through the use of …

Sunsetstrip Bingo is the most authentic bingo hall on the net

Sunsetstrip Bingo is the most authentic hall on the net! With the opportunity to win their rapidly-increasing progressive jackpot on every game played
players have a great chance of winning a huge prize for stakes as low as 5c. The site gives you the player the chance to play for the level […]

Promotions at Tea and Bingo

Tea and Bingo may be a new UK bingo site but they are not scrimping on the special offers to attract new players inside for a nice cuppa and few games of bingo . There are plenty of exciting promotions at Tea and Bingo designed to both …

Bingo site wants dogs and cats neutered

We’ve seen some pretty odd promotions at Bingo News in the recent past but the latest promotion from free bingo site Live Bingo is one of the most strange. They are offering to pay £30 towards the cost of their members having their cat or dog spayed. The first 100 members to “provide a current Veterinarian’s […]

2009      Nov 17

Vic’s Bingo New Deposit Bonuses

At Vics Bingo you choose how much deposit bonus you wish to receive for your deposit! Receive a 125% or a 250% deposit bonus! All you need to consider is: the higher the amount you deposit
the more bingo bonus you receive! Read the full story at

888ladies cruise to Mexico

The 21st annual World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise sets sail this November for another luxury destination – the Mexican Riviera! Read the full story at

New Special Sessions at High Roller’s Room

Starting this Monday 20th
BingoHall High Roller’s room will host special promo Happy Mondays! Read the full story at

Win a Fabulous Holiday
Just by Playing Bingo

Win £3000 towards your summer holidays! Read the full story at

Halloween at Vics Bingo

This Halloween will be a holiday to remember at Vics
as they will be giving out lots of special treats to all of their members! Read the full story at

Review – online casino Spotlight

Gambling has always been a huge business
and you only have to glance at a casino to know this. But now
with the internet being able to reach people from far and wide
it is even more of an alluring gaming aspect than ever before. There’s no longer any need to take a long road […]

Vicky’s Welcome Party at Vic’s Bingo

During the course of September
win some extra bingo bucks in the Quarter’s bingo room by just spelling her name. Read the full story at

Experience the Christmas Spirit at Vic’s Bingo

Ho-Ho-Ho this December Santa has brought $500 extra prizes to Vics Quarters’ room. Read the full story at

Live Roulette Tips

Roulette is a casino game with limitable odds and is mostly based on chance. Because of this there is not that much you can do to increase your odds of winning
however there are some sure fire ways to help you come out better financially overall. Some of these ways you can do this are […]

Gypsy’s Destiny Promotion

Have you ever let a Gypsy read you your fortune or destiny? Afraid of what future event you may be told about? Don’t want to know what’s coming for you? Read the full story at

2009      Nov 4

Effects of the Rule Variations in Blackjack
Blackjack is a popular table game in casinos that can be beaten by players who uses card counting and basic strategy perfectly. Casinos countered this phenomenon by changing some rules in blackjack to increase the house edge.

2009      Oct 22

Trends in Blackjack Gambling
patterns – I don’t give a ding what you call them. Just remember that they are a fantastically powerful force in the world of gambling casino and handicapping the on line casino games you might play.

Cashcade Sale – Who Will Be The Winner

Rumours abound around the Cashcade sale. Read the full story at

Buno’s Bingo Booboo

Borat star in hot water over bingo game antics. Read the full story at

Enjoying Blackjack in an online casino

Playing blackjack on a live blackjack casino or online casino is a good experience. It follows the same rules but the only difference is that you can play in the privacy of your own home. You should also remember some techniques about the game because it can help you a lot in the game.

Player Wins $355
000 At Online Bingo Site

Player wins $355
000 after being a member for only 10 days Read the full story at

William Hill Bingo Sponsors ITV1 Game Show

William Hill Bingo sponsors new casino-style game show called Spin Star. Read the full story at

First Time Online Bingo Player Nets $110

A player new to online bingo won a colossal jackpot – and didn’t realise she’d won until a few days later. Read the full story at

Two Bingo Players Celebrate A Century

The stats may show that bingo players are getting younger
but these two are still at it.

2009      Oct 19

Las Vegas online casino You May Not Have Heard of Before
When you think of Las Vegas casinos names like the Bellagio
the Venetian
the Wynn and event MGM Grand come to mind. There are so many big casinos on the Las Vegas Strip that it’s easy to overlook some of the lesser known casino games that don’t reach the same heights or possess anywhere near the …
Become an Online coolhandpoker Icon
There are a lot of fun games that you can play at an online casino . But since these sites have become all the rage
none have been more of a crowd pleaser than online blackjack.

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