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It appears that the game of bingo was originated in Italy in about 1530 with the Italian reunification. A national lottery was introduced and run every Saturday and is still today you can also play bingo and many other games in Lucky Lady slots . The Italian lottery was known as the “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” which literally translated means “the clearance of the lot of Italy”. Lotteries are thought to have been developed in ancient China during the Han Dynasty.

Strangely enough in 1567
the first UK state lottery was established in England by Queen Elizabeth I and this soon became part of bingo history in the UK
thousands of tickets were sold and prizes such as money
jewelery and tapestries were given away. Although the subject of the lottery is not what we are here to discuss it does have some bearing on the history of bingo and the laws that have been formulated to promulgate gaming and bingo.

The actual game of bingo was introduced to the UK by an American promoter in the 1930’s. It was originally played in European countries and became part of American history as Europeans settlers took the game with them when they settled in the USA.

The game of bingo used by Europeans as a teaching aid for children and their multiplication tables and has also been used for many other teaching purposes. For instance did you know that bingo has been used to teach biology? Well it has
and a good example of this is the game called “Embryo” this game is played by calling out the characteristics of embryonic development and as soon as the player has marked off on his card
five characteristics of embryonic development
the shout “EMBRYO”. Sounds strange doesn’t it? But the principle of educational bingo is sound and it works
and educational bingo is a very popular teaching method.

But I digress so back to the history of bingo in the UK. Bingo has also played a very interesting socio economic role in British history
the economics of bingo is very easily understood
because from its early beginnings in the UK bingo has expanded and grown in popularity
adding millions of pounds of currency into the economy of the country.

The social history of course says it all
ever since the inception of bingo in the UK millions upon millions of people have enjoyed a bingo outing with their friends and families and bingo has really come to have a major social impact on people
considering that 97% of the population of the UK believe that traditional social activities such as bingo helps to create a sense of belonging within a particular community.

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