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2010      Apr 19

It is perhaps not surprising to find that Bingo players seem to be a particularly superstitious crowd and a close look at the motivations, habits, language, and the minds of bingo players, will reveal some very interesting, if not decidedly weird and wonderful results. Among some of the more bizarre superstitious beliefs that have come to light include players completing rituals before playing a game of bingo Such rituals may commonly include bathing with essential oils, but only with a particular chosen oil, or spinning round a certain amount of times and also sweeping bingo cards with herbs. Bingo rituals are actually a lot more common than one might expect and are a way for bingo players to prepare themselves for the game and what they believe is surrounding themselves with good luck. It can be considered as a kind of obsessive behaviour, especially if it comes to dominate the players life.

Many common superstitions involve the lucky numbers. In the same way that people pick lottery numbers, bingo players often look out for similar lucky numbers on their bingo cards. This lucky number superstition has become more prevalent within the online bingo game as in this situation players are able to select which bingo card or cards they would like to play with from thousands of variations. This means therefore that they are able to look out for their lucky number appearing on a card. Common lucky numbers that players are drawn to include theirs on family members birthdays, numbers relating to their house or work or that they have won with before. Common lucky numbers may even be numbers that are generally considered unlucky, such as thirteen

Many of the people who play bingo like to surround themselves with their lucky objects. These object range from such well know luck bringers as four leaf clovers or teddies to more obscure items that have a specific or direct meaning for the player. It is also true to say that bingo players often consider certain dabbers to be lucky. In land-based bingo, played in the traditional bingo hall, many bingo players will bring in their own lucky dabber to use when marking off the numbers on their bingo card. When playing bingo online, players are able to choose from a whole range of different dabber colors and also styles and they will often stick to a certain color and a certain style if it has be found to give them a good win in the past!

It is unlikely that the relationship between Bingo and superstitions that people hold will ever not be a very close one. After all most people believe in the principal of luck – we all look for a stroke of luck in our lives – and the luck principal is of course of considerable importance to all those gamblers who enjoy playing bingo.

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